Feb 042012

This super potent concentrate gets its name from the way it looks. It has a very heavy marijuana smell reminiscent of tiger balm. When you smoke ear wax, it bubbles and turns into an oil. The resulting smoke is very strong but very smooth, which can result in taking too big of a hit, and as the smoke expands in your lungs, it will “grab” your throat, rendering you unable to speak or breathe for a few seconds.. The stone is very heavy and mind numbing, and can result in couch lock.

Banana Kush Marijuana Ear Wax

  9 Responses to “Banana Kush Ear Wax”

  1. there is nooo way that that is bud…. thats fukdup

  2. So basically since its a ‘Paste’ or wax,its ideal for cooking since there wont be any leafs.cool

  3. You can buy it at my work if you have an MMJ. (215 card if you live in California.) Also have Cherry Pie Wax, Blueberry Muffin, Earth Og, and more including Jack Herrer earwax & hash oil. 420 HD is right listen to him ;)
    That sh*t looks bomb as f*ck though!!!!! I can’t smoke til September…just smoke spice for now :/

  4. I’ve had hash wax. But no shit like that lol

  5. Im wit Jordan……no way

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